The Sony XC-ES50 CCD Camera is the Best from the Sony Pocket

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Going out for a vacation or having a blast with your friend. There is always time to capture these memories. It becomes easy to get going with the old memories in the future with camera that helps you click some awesome fun filled memories. The Sony’s XC-ES50 monochrome CCd camera helps you capture those moments and enjoy the memories down the lane. This camera is handy to use and easy to install and is ideal for the process of the image. The Sony XCES50 camera half-type B/W analog camera is the latest and the part of the new standard of analog camera. This camera has the same feature of CCD technology and has an improved specification, which are incorporated with the XC-ST series. The trigger is simple and is flexible, the vibration is excellent and has a shock characteristic, but has come in a smaller and lighter package. It has the incorporating of the latest interline transfer CCD with HAD technology where it provides  768*494 effective pictures and the lens is C mount with the dimension of 29*32 and weighs only 50 grams. This camera can work great in space limit and many remote head applications.


Coming to it some more features, which makes the camera more easy to use, is that you do not have to open the camera to confirm settings to modify the mode of it or to determine. There is no needed for the user to customize the switches of the camera. This is the smallest and the lightweight one-piece B/W analog camera offered by Sony. The resolution you would get is a VGA and it has an internal and an external sync system. The scanning system is a 2:1 interlaced. You can make use of the ON/OFF switch for the gamma. The shutter is normal with 1/100 to 1/10000s. The video output you can get is 1.0VP-p negative

It only weights 50 grams and is the lightest compared to other Sony product series. It consumes 1.6 W powers. The vibration resistance is 10 G and 70 G is shock resistance and the power required is DC 12V. This is what makes it handy and the best cameras that Sony offers with the best in class features.

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