The Panasonic GP-MF 602 CCD camera is perfect of clicks

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There is always time to capture some moments, which can keep your memories alive for a long time. Having saved the moments captured at that precious moments surely makes you feel the moments spends as if in you are still having the same moments. These memories can be captured with the help of the camera and can be stored for longer duration. The Panasonic GP mf602 monochrome machine vision camera. It helps you capture those moments and take pleasure in the reminiscences down the lane. This camera is a handy ready to install and easy to use and is the perfect camera to click pictures of the perfect moments. The cameraGP-MF602 model is a ½ CCD machine vision camera.

gp-mf602It is a 768 (h) *494 (V) pixels with is far much better than the other CCD camera. It has an Asynchronous frame reset mode, which helps you to reset the setting easily. The shutter trigger mode is electronic for use and better use. The horizontal lines ratio is 570 with a signal to noise ratio of 56db. The camera has a sensor gate control for extended exposures. The camera gives you an external and internal synchronization. The camera comes with many more intact features that make it the best. The illumination is 0.5 Lux at F/1.4 manual gains max, whereas the lens is a C-mount. It is light in weight with 155 grams and requires a +12VDC 190mA power supply. The camera holds an international electronics technical commission that IEC is 80G shock resistance and has a 1.0 selectable internally gamma.

The camera can be mounted on a tripod, as there are two threaded holes 1/4. The camera is connected with optional camera cable GP-CA34, GP-CA33, GP-CA59. This makes the camera GP-MF602 model a perfect click for a perfect occasion. You can check for the other description online.

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