The Next Generation Teli Series CCD Cameras

CCDWorld Inc

The Teli cameras are made by the Japanese company named as Toshiba. It is a short name for Tokyo Electronic Industry Co. Ltd. Toshiba, one of the leading companies in the world deals in a number of electronic goods such as computers, cameras, etc. Out of the camera series, it’s one of the best-selling product in the market is Teli CCD cameras series. The CCD cameras series consist the cameras for machine vision, industrial automation, 3D, inspection, measurement and medical imaging. The brand is also the world’s second largest ISO9001 certified manufacturer of video cameras for industrial application. It is more than 500 employees working under the company to produce the best camera series for their users.

If we talk about the machine vision specially then the company is the 2nd largest vendor in Japan whose centre of focus lies on products for medical field, semiconductor inspection, web inspection, instrumentation and robotic market segments. By putting striking features to its TELI CCD series cameras, it is working hard to become the number one player in the series of such cameras. The cameras under the series are highly compact with a very good image sensor size, external trigger, external synchronization, pixel clock output, as well as excellent resistance against shocks and vibrations.

cs8320bciThe other striking features of the cameras are its simple user interface, high speed photography and ultra-compact body which make it possible to use for the long distance transmission as well. Also the cameras are easy to connect with PC with which you can prepare a database in the PC and hence freeing the memory of the Camera. TELI also understand the user’s need of transporting the camera from one place to other, hence it always makes cameras which are handy and portable. However, if you come pricing then also you will be pleased with budget effective deal at the TELI CCD cameras. Therefore run your nearby store or dealer to avail the best buy of the generation in cameras. It will be surely a treat for your pocket as well as expectation to own a multifunctional and best Industrial camera brand at personal as well as the professional front.

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