Short Review Description of Sony DXC-D50

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Sony Brand is well known for its quality products in electronics, mobiles, cameras, and PCs worldwide. Today we will take a short review of the product that exists from the brand of Sony. Sony DXC-D50 is the professional camera of the top range with tripod adaptor, viewfinder and microphone.

It came with some of the best quality features that no other company or brand provides in this field. It includes the feature of HAD EX CCD; the same feature is used for the BVP-E10/WS series. The Sony Dxc cameras, latest manufactures, offers improved levels of smear- 140dB, thanks to CDD performance, which was equal to FIT type of CCD. Analogue to digital converter with the use of the 12 – bit resolution, ensures the quality of the picture processed with high precision. In this class, as compared to previous cameras in this class, offers only 10 bit resolution, the Sony DXC-D50 is able to give more familiar resolution  production of low key and the mid-zone areas of the picture. When exploring the camera quality, another critical factor is in non-linear processes how many bits are used, such as correction of gamma. The use of (ADSP) Advance Digital Signal Processing, built into a creative and innovative LSI micron processing technology in 0.18, provide precise and comprehensive control functions, as well as from CCD, maintaining superior image quality. Use of this and thanks to this digital encoder, very low power use can be achieved to ensure stable signal processing and very comfortable operation.

To provide comprehensive picture adjustment, getting the Sony DXC-D50 series camera includes several creative control items.

  • To maintain the color of the object in shadow areas, low-key saturation is used.
  • To avoid washed out a display in highlighted area knee saturation is used.
  • To adjust Hue and Saturation separately, skin matrix is used.
  • Comb filtering is used to suppression of cross-color and to subtract the unpleasant cross-luminance and cross-color on fine details.
  • To control the brightness of the shadows are a black gamma core is used.

SonyDXC-D50  also provides Sony Memory Stick System, enabling everyone to store his or her precious move.

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